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Protect Your House From Termite Damage, Contact Termite Exterminator!

Eliminating termites is much like dealing with other pests, to solve the issues you need to look for the right source. Termites, also known as silent killers are very hard to notice in the initial stage of infestation as they can chew wood, flooring, and even wallpaper unnoticed. The signs of termite problems only appear when the damage becomes very serious.

Only an experienced Termite Exterminator can help you to remove these wood-destroying pests from your property permanently. Usually, a termite control treatment starts with an initial inspection of the property to identify the effective areas and origin of the infestation. By identifying the crucial entry points of termite colonies, Termite Exterminator can curates an effective plan to get rid of the issue.

In the natural cycle, termites have an important role to play as decomposers of woods. But, when these creatures invade humans’ property, they can do significant damage to unprotected buildings and other wooden structures. Like any other nuisance pest, termites need to be controlled and the best way to handle the issue is contact experienced Termite Exterminator. 

However, to make sure the treatment is done perfectly, only contact a reliable and experienced pest control service provider like Clark pest control. 

Are Termites Harmful to Humans- Facts!

Pests like flies, rats, and mosquitoes not only damage the property but spread a range of harmful infections to humans. Are termites also harmful to humans? The answer is no, there is no scientific evidence that termites can spread infections. Still, temerities infestation is not good. Here, we mentioned a few facts that can help you to understand that why should you call a Termite Exterminator as soon as first signs appear:

Termites and Health Issues– Termites are not known to carry diseases harmful to humans. But, people living in a termite-infested home may suffer from an allergic reaction or even asthma or other respiratory issues. Ventilation or heating system can contribute to the spread of dust and irritating particles from termite nests. Some people may be allergic to termite droppings and saliva.

Pesticides health risks– For most people, one of the biggest health risks connected to termite infestation not come from the pests, but from the harmful chemicals that used to kill or control them. The wrong usage of pesticides is one of the main reasons behind side-effects exposure. Thus, anyone dealing with termite issues should hire a professional Termite Exterminator from a good pest control company like Clark Pest Control to make sure that appropriate chemicals are used and applied safely.

Removing termites since 1950- Clark Pest Control

Since 1950, Clark Pest Control has been providing the finest pest control and turf-and-ornamental care services to businesses and residents. Founded by two World War II veterans, the company offers its services at 26 locations throughout northwestern Nevada and California. Clark Pest Control is known as one of the largest pest control companies in the United States and the biggest in the western part.

The goal of Clark ‘Pest-A-Way’ appears in its specialized treatment and unique solution. It provides premium service through highly trained and certified technicians who are responsive and proactive. In addition, Clark Pest Control is one of the few companies that offer 100% work guarantee.

Services offered by Clark Pest Control

One of the main reasons behind an extensive customer base of Clark is their quality services.Some of their famous services include:

  • Residential Pest Control Services
  • Residential Year-Round Pest-Away Services
  • Residential Termite Inspection & Control
  • Residential Turf & Ornamental Services
  • Flea Control
  • Cockroach Control
  • Ant Control 
  • Birds Control
  • Bedbugs Control
  • Spiders Control
  • Commercial Services
  • Rodents Control

Termite Treatments

Termites usually don’t reveal themselves until the wooden surfaces reveal the real damage they have caused. These pesky pests can feed non-stop 24/7, and few species can lay nearly 40,000 eggs per day. Some of the signs of termite damage include buckled or swollen wood, wooden tunnels, mud tube connected to their underground nest, wood-colored pellets shaped droppings, and scents. If you notice these signs, it’s time to contact a professional Termite Exterminator.

Clark Pest Control Termites Services Include:

  • Termite Damage Repair
  • Residential Termite Control Service
  • Termite Inspections
  • Structural Fumigation
  • Termite Infestation Protection

Benefits of Clark Termite Control:

  • Customer can schedule appointments outside normal business hours
  • All Termite services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The Termite Home Protection Service program includes preventative and curative treatments and monitoring services.

If the customer’s property qualifies, the Termite Infestation Protection will make sure that if termites are found, Clark’s expert Termite Exterminator will treat your home and repair the damage without any charge.

Commercial Termite Control

Clark Pest Control provides effective Termite Control, Bug Control, and other pest control services for businesses of all sizes throughout northwestern Nevada and California. 

Whether any issue is related to termites, birds, bed bugs, rodents, or other pests, it’s whether outside or inside, Clark Pest Control provides unique solutions and customize treatment.

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